Street projects rock

With all the present inconvenience on the city’s streets and traffic flow confluence centers right now it is difficult to understand what all the inconvenience is all about.

It is all about reinventing key several traffic “circles” into fast moving, easier flowing lanes for automobiles and trucks, and even for pedestrians to traverse.

When the construction is finished, these newly tailored circles will look much better to the eye, and will be much easier to use for traffic now clogging the streets daily at certain times.

The street projects are all related to what the city planners call infra structure.

For many, many decades, very little was done to improve and or to redo essential elements of the city’s infrastructure.

What is being done today, will be good for decades to come. In fact, Everett today looks much better to the eye than ever before.

That is not to say Everett will ever be considered beautiful like an industry free suburban enclave.

However, the beauty here in this exceptionally crowded space is composed of mostly clean streets and neighborhoods, with many freshly paved streets and newly laid sidewalks, and public parks that have been mostly redone with an abundance of plantings (some redone twice).

The city’s public face is as important as its credit rating.

Street projects are a nuisance to residents wherever they occur. The end product is worth the inconvenience.

These various projects cost many millions.

They are worth their weight in gold if you live in this city and call it your home

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