The mystery of legal probes

The city remains in the midst of a title V11 federal investigation being run by the US Attorney’s office and the Justice Department.

A shroud of secrecy doesn’t allow for much light to be cast on what exactly is happening – or what is not happening.

Neither the US Attorney’s office nor the city or its lawyers, Greenberg Traurig will jeopardize lawyer client privilege by making public statements about where the probe is, where it might be heading or when it will be resolved, if in fact it is resolved in favor of the city.

What we know for sure is that so far the city’s lawyer’s costs have exceeded $750,000 and are apparently rising by about $50,000 a month at least until June, or so the public has been led to believe through public questioning led by Councilors Darren Costa and Stephanie Smith.

Those who claim the probe is going nowhere and will affect no one in government are hard pressed to explain the enormous expenditure of money for lawyer’s fees for the city to defend itself.

In other words, if the city didn’t have to defend itself, would there be lawyer’s fees?

That being said, the probe is apparently continuing and, unless we have been misinformed, it has expanded.

Perhaps the next few months will tell this story in full and in public.

Perhaps not. We shall see.

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