Kudos to Encore

During last week’s public meeting at Everett City Hall hosted by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission intending to generate comments on Encore’s lower Broadway expansion plans did that exactly as planned.

What did the public learn?

Wynn has promised 2,000 construction jobs to build the planned auditorium, parking garage and pedestrian walkway across lower Broadway.

Wynn has predicted 800 new permanent jobs in Everett once the job is completed some time in 2025.

That jobs number alone is as good as gold in a working class community like Everett.

What city produces 800 new jobs in a year, let alone in a decade?

What did we learn from the public?

Not everyone is ready to bow down to Encore and say thank you.

There were more than several voices heard at the public hearing who raised questions about the economic prosperity Wynn is promising and whether or not the company will enhance labor practices to coincide with the changing times.

By and large, however, the public meeting proceed that Wynn’s expansion on lower Broadway is broadly supported and awaited, and in fact, is being looked forward to.

It is, after all, all about progress.

Many Encore employees appeared to express their support for the expansion – as well they should.

Several thousand Encore employees show up every day in Everett, are paid solid wages and earn great benefits that simply did not exist even five years ago.

We applaud the Encore/Wynn expansion proposals.

We support them.

Everett public officials and residents should do the same.

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