Marcus with open mike gaffe makes harsh comment about public speaker

By Josh Resnek

School Committeeman Jason Marcus referred to public speaker Paula Steriti with a pejorative word during last Wednesday’s School Department meeting.

School Committeeman Jason Marcus

The remark has set off a firestorm of indignation and outrage among Steriti’s friends and associates.

For his part, Marcus has apologized to Steriti.

“I am very sorry for what I said. It is out of character for me to speak that way. I hope Paula Steriti can forgive me. I have reached out to Paula to apologize,” he added.

Several public speakers asked for Marcus to resign at Monday night’s school committee meeting.

Marcus said he won’t resign.

Other than that, the School Committee meeting last week was tepid.

This week’s meeting didn’t include a raise in temperature.

It is, right now, a quiet time in Everett.

Several public speakers last week discussed a variety of issues.

Jayson Dwight Nelson, a high school student, asked for gender identification pronouns on student ID’s and to be allowed outside for lunch in the warmer weather.

Jay Holt asked members about the Everett High School coaching situation.

With somewhat rambling, highly personal and sometimes insightful comments, Holt raised more questions than answers about what’s going on with the coaching leadership situation with the Crimson Tide football Team.

Crimson Tide football has been rocked by the resignation of winning coach Robert DiLoreto.

Holt referred to “craziness” regarding a student allegedly making a death threat and then was allowed back in school shortly thereafter.

Following his stream of thought about this alleged incident was made more difficult by the lack of public facts.

Holt’s real interest was Crimson Tide football.

“Two years of winning football. One character brought into the mix and kids are up in arms over a coach that only lost three games in two years,” he said.

He stood up for former Crimson Tide Coach DiLoreto, who has resigned.

Holt questioned the system governing hiring by the School Department as a result of questions that have been raised about DiLoreto’s resignation.

Linda Maloney joined a long list of those praising and congratulating The Everett High School Percussion Ensemble.

The Percussion team finished 8th in national competition two weeks ago.

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