Richie’s Slush all spruced up for annual opening

Looking like a bit of Florida on the Parkway. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

It is almost an impossibility to drive by Richie’s Slush without stopping in.

For decades, Richie’s Slush has been a purveyor of great products, led primarily with an enduring symbol, slush that stands alone for texture and sweetness…and an overall attraction that drives tens of thousands of area residents to descend upon the place.

Richie’s ownership has spent several months preparing for this spring’s reopening.

Richie’s opened in 1956 long before Mike’s Roast Beef was a thought.

Over the decades it has reworked itself repeatedly but never straying from its core business driver – slush.

Unbelievably, Richie’s Slush is now featured on sale at BJ’s, as well as being available on street corners and inside smaller local stores throughout this geographic area.

The growth has been tremendous.

There is no knowing where Richie’s Slush can turn up!

Richie’s on the parkway is now open for business and has been for several weeks.

Stop by with the kids for a slush. Tell them the Leader Herald sent you!

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