The Boston Bruins

All eyes in sports crazy Boston are now on the Boston Celtics following the almost incomprehensible loss the Boston Bruins suffered several nights ago when they blew the 7th game of their series against the Florida Panthers.

The Bruins were speechless at the end of that game, set, match and season.

Losing the final three games to the Panthers after achieving one of the best records in hockey during a tremendously successful season better than any in NHL history.

“The magic was gone,” wrote a Boston Globe sports reporter.

She was right on with that bit of metaphor.

The Bruins won a record 65 games.

In the end, the bitter end, that is, for Bruins fans, the entire season came down to the last game of the series.

Winning isn’t everything or is it?

Ask the Bruins.

Now it’s on to the Celtics for Boston and Everett diehard sports fans.

The Celtics have looked like champions all season. Let’s see if they can climb to the top and take it all home.

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