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The Mike’s story like an explosion of interest in New England fast food

A slow moment at Mike’s Tuesday afternoon. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

From the moment we broke the story about Mike’s Roast Beef being sold to Wynn Development two weeks ago, it broke records for widespread internet interest.

The Leader Herald’s Facebook site recorded 48,382 hits on the Mike’s posting alone!

This was an extraordinary number of viewers for a small hometown Facebook site.

As the week dawned, the story continued attracting thousands more visitors to our Facebook site.

It came as a shocking, sobering thought to fast food aficionados and lovers that one of the best known, and most beloved purveyors of five star roast beef sandwiches and fried foods of a wide variety was tossing in he towel to change.

Facebook data showing Leader Herald’s reach with our followers.

Mike’s selling out was a bit like it would be if local discount tire legend Woody’s was calling it quits.

Still no official word from Mike’s ownership or Wynn Development about the future for Mike’s.

In the short term, it appears nothing is going to change as longtime employees assert with great vehemence.

Right now, Mike’s continues to do what it does best everyday.

Those of us who love Mike’s are taking its existence one day at a time – and remaining grateful for each day we can purchase a junior rare roast beef with cheese sauce and onions!

And a Coca Cola that is every measure the exact sweetness it ought to be.

Let’s hope we get a few more years out of Mike’s!

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