COSTA versus DIPIERRO for all the marbles in Ward 3

By Josh Resnek

The upcoming mid-term election of the city council and the school committee has begun.

Jumping right out of the starter’s box are Councilor Darren Costa and former Councilor Anthony DiPierro.

This race, assuming no one else enters before papers are certified by the Election Office, features the old versus the new.

Costa is the new while DiPierro is the old, although DiPierro remains a very young man who began his political career at a very young age. DiPierro is 27.

DiPierro resigned on May 13, 2022, after being accused of making racially insensitive remarks which caused public outrage here as well as demonstrations by high school students and adults in front of Everett City Hall, according to a report which appeared on Boston 25 News.

DiPierro released the following statement at the time of his resignation. This statement appeared in a WGBH Television report.

“My actions have clearly hurt a city that I love, and am proud to call home,” DiPierro wrote on Facebook. “My resignation as Ward 3 Councilor will allow our community to continue its path of growth, without distraction.

Anthony DiPierro (above) wants back on the council in Ward 3.

“I take full responsibility for my actions and encourage others who participated in this hurtful, insensitive banter, to also do the right thing and step down from their positions in city government,”DiPierro said, WGBH reported.

DiPierro promised at the time to make himself a better person.

“To all our residents, especially those who believed in me, I sincerely apologize. I am committed to being better. I will diligently educate and sensitize myself to the diversity and inclusion of the people so that I will truly learn and grow from this sad experience,” DiPierro added WGBH reported.

Ward 3 Councilor Darren Costa and family. Costa says he is running.

DiPierro is single. Costa is married with two children.

Costa has established himself as the new guy on the block in Ward 3 during the time he has served.

Again, he has become the de facto go to guy for zoning questions along with Councilor Stephanie Smith.

Costa has been assertive and unafraid to express himself. He will be facing a rejuvenated DiPierro who has finished coursework on human relations regarding equity and racial matters.

Ward 3 will be a real contest to watch between these two young men.

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