Food insecurity

The long lines of those seeking free food from the Connolly Center from week to week remain an extraordinary reminder to many of us passing by that food insecurity remains a horror show for many lower income and elderly residents of the city.

Food insecurity in the united States of America should be frankly, an embarrassment to all of us.

At the very least, everyone in this nation should have the wherewithal to buy food and to eat regular meals, and to enjoy the benefits of what we like to call the greatest nation on earth.

How can we call ourselves the greatest nation on earth when so many of our citizens are suffering from the want for food?

This is an important, overriding question for all of us who do not suffer from food insecurity to ask ourselves.

Thank God for the good folks at the Connolly Center handing out the food, and for the city’s funding of the free food distribution.

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