McKinnon’s rises to challenge in absence of major supermarket in Everett

McKinnon’s pricing is incomparable. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

In recent months, McKinnon’s Market on Broadway, Everett’s only remaining major market, has ramped up its program.

The store is filled to the brim with fresh produce and meat products and has added a mountain of basic merchandise making it Everett’s go to market for residents not wishing to leave the city.

Chief among the benefits of shopping at McKinnon’s is the pricing of the merchandise.

Pricing remains resolutely anti-inflationary in nearly every product line offered up at the market.

Meats are especially well priced by comparison to stores outside of the city, and that includes The Market Basket, which draws a huge crowd of Everett residents.

Lamb prices have shot through the roof, with most markets outside of Everett offering up lamb at $22 – $25 a pound.

Lamb at Mckinnon’s is closer to the $17 mark.

Sirloin can also be purchased at prices far below the national advertised averages or even at Market Basket.

At Stop and Shop, Market Basket and other major supermarkets, smaller sirloin steaks less than a pound are selling in the $13 – $15 range.

A family of four eating four steaks is a $70 dinner.

Who, we wonder, can afford such dinners more than once in a week?

In the inflation cost for food.

For the best pricing of meats in the city bar none, there is but one place to shop.

That place is Mckinnon’s.

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