What will happen with Councilor Jimmy Tri Le when the election rolls around?

Jimmy Tri Lee and Kim Bridge.

Kim Bridge is a likely candidate

By Josh Resnek

Ward 4 Councilor Jimmy Tri Le was accused of groping a fellow councilor on April, 2022.

The court in Malden ruled for a stay away or no contact with the alleged victim,” prosecutors said in court, according to a report on NBC 10Boston at the time.

Le could not appear at the council meetings with the woman he allegedly groped, the court ruled. Despite pleading not guilty.

Le has not appeared at a council meeting since April or 2022. The case remains unresolved.

Le has not made a public comment about the situation since he was in court more than a year ago.

All of this is about to change, or so it would appear.

Kim Bridge, an articulate, outspoken resident of Ward 4 is running against Le – that is – if he runs for re-election. It appears Le is in fact running and has pulled papers.

Bridge has appeared at a succession of council meetings participating in the public participation aspect of the meetings.

By all accounts, she has made a good public impression.

Frankly, Le is unlikely to run even though he has pulled papers. Only time will tell.

If he runs and wins, he cannot serve inside the council chamber because of the stay away order.

If he chooses not to run, a real opportunity is coming up for Bridge.

The colleague Le is alleged to have groped put it this way to the Channel 10 Boston reporter at the time about the incident:

“It is incredibly frustrating and sad that in this day and age women still have to justify how assault is not okay. Touching women inappropriately is not a joke, it is not business as usual, and it should not be normalized.”

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