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The Blue Suit and Josh Resnek discuss the political situation, which is changing almost daily as more and more candidates are taking out papers for the municipal election.

This week, they go over all the names up to the moment and discuss as well certain possibilities.

The Blue Suit actually admitted not knowing some of the candidates who have pulled nomination papers. That is shocking but it is true.


“Let’s start at the top of the candidates list for at-large,” I said to the Blue Suit.

He agreed.

The Blue Suit recited the names: Angelmarie DeNunzio: “I know her,” he said. “We’re not very close but she knows the city. She has a lot of friends.,” he said.

Katy Rogers: “I know Katy. She’s a great photographer. She’s known all around the city. She’s into animal rights. He’s against plastic bags. She’ll find out what it takes to get elected. And please keep in mind, folks who choose at-large runs where they want to start in in politics are taking the hardest road. At-large is very competitive. Incumbents have a big edge in the at-large race. Take it from me,” the Blue Suit said.

This conversation took place at Common Ground on the Parkway. The place was crowded. Lot’s people came over to say hello. Many there asked the Blue Suit for his autograph.

John Hanlon, Mike Marchese and Irene Cardillo: “They are very likely shoo-ins,” said the Blue Suit. “Incumbency means almost everything, that, and citywide recognition,” said the Blue Suit.

Shaskia Bosquet and Kisan Upadhaya, from Prospect and Clark Streets respectively: “I don’t know either of them. If I don’t know them, well, that’s a minor problem. They are newcomers to the political game here. They both have their work cut out for them. I can tell you that,” he added.

Ward 1 has Wayen Matewsky versus Jerry Navarra.

“Now this is an interesting development of the first order for Everett politics. I know Wayne well and I know Jerry. Wayne was out gathering signatures when I ran into him the other day. Wayne told me he knows what’s up with Jerry running but I’m not going to give away Wayne’s confidence about the matter. Suffice to say, Jerry can’t beat Wayne. What matters is what happens after the election. There are rumors that Wayne might be put under pressure to resign and then Jerry takes over. This is a good recipe for Jerry but not for Wayne,” the Blue Suit said.

“I heard John Egan might be tossing his hat into the ring. Let’s see what happens,” the Blue Suit added.

Ward 2 has Joetta Yutkins, incumbent Stephanie Martins and Paul Cardillo.

“I’m friendly with Stephanie. It is no surprise that she has two candidates up against her – but she has an agenda and she plays it out and that causes people to run against her. She will be hard to beat,” the Blue Suit said.

“I discussed Ward 3 last week. No need to do it again except to say both Anthony and Darren will be running active campaigns. They both want to win very badly,” he said.

I also discussed Ward 4 last week but it doesn’t hurt to say I believe Kit Bridge could have an impact. She presents herself very well. Councilor Jimmy Le with whom I am friendly with really shouldn’t be running. But he is. He has that right and

he is the incumbent. He’ll have to deal with Bridge, Nancy Cianchetta, who I do not know, and Holly Garcia, who is well known in the Ward,” the Blue Suit said.

Ward 6, Councilor Lattanzi versus Peter Pietrantonio.

“Al is a close friend of mine, and with good reason. Peter is not a close friend but I know him as a good guy. And he is well known throughout the ward and makes a nice presen- tation. No one owns this seat,” the Blue Suit said with wisdom.

On the school committee side at-large candidates are coming out of the woodwork, so to speak.

“I know Joanna Garren. She is thoroughly qualified,” the Blue Suit said. “Incumbent Samantha Lambert will be returned,” he said with confidence.

“Margaret Cornelio missed out by something like 4 votes the last time out. I give her a nod of my head on this, her second major go at it. “She might just pull it out this time around,” the Blue Suit predicted.

“Cynthia Sarnie is a good friend of mine. She will keep her seat,” he said.

“Mike McLaughlin will get re-elected. Mike and I go way back,” the Blue Suit recalled.

‘I don’t know Jay Holt. He lives on May Street. I don’t know Samantha Hurley that well but I know who she is. She will have to work hard. At-large is touch place to try breaking in,” he added.

In Ward 1 Millie Cardello is listed facing Margaret Cornelio.

“I know both of these ladies – and they are both ladies who understand the way the political world turns here in Everett. That’s all I’m going to say,” said the Blue Suit.

In Ward 4 school committee the seat is held by Mike Mangan. He is being challenged by Thomas Messina.

“I’m a Mike Mangan supporter all the way. I know Messina but I can’t support two candidates in the same ward race,” the Blue Suit said.

In Ward 5 Charles Leo is challenging School Committeeman Marcony Almeida Barros.

In Ward 6 there are two candidates so far. Daniel Skerrit and Patti Ann Scalesse.

“I think I’ve met these two but I can’t remember exactly where. Let’s see what plays out in this ward before making any predictions,” he said in concluding.

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