Jimmy Tri Le

The candidacy of Councilor Jimmy Tri Le is a bit difficult to figure out.

When Le ran some years back, the Leader Herald editorially endorsed his candidacy.

After all, he was the first Asian American to win for public office in Everett – an accomplishment of the first order.

However, following some legal difficulties almost 2 years ago, Le has been unable to attend any meetings of the city council, and hasn’t attended a single meeting of the city council in fact.

Part of that absence is a court order requiring that Le distance himself from a colleague who he apparently, allegedly touched in an inappropriate manner.

That case is presumably winding its way through the Malden Court.

Still, we do not understand how Le would pull papers for another run when he cannot attend meetings.

Vindicating himself in court is one thing to attempt.

Not attending any meetings of the city council while doing this is entirely another thing.

We would urge Le to pay closer attention to his court travails than to run for another term.

After all, one is inconsistent with the other.

Residents do not benefit from Le being a member of the council.

On the other hand, if voters return Le for another term, well, the voters are the ultimate judge and jury in such arenas.

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