Ward 4 candidate Kit Bridge

The candidacy of Kit Bridge represents a literal and physical, even an existential candidacy for public office in this city.

Bridge is openly gay – but is much more than this as her campaign literature reveals.

Being gay and running for public office in Everett is unusual.

To our knowledge – and we go back about 25 years – Everett has never entertained an openly gay woman candidate and certainly not a gay woman candidate that is frank and honest about her private and public life to the general public.

School Committeeman Marcony Almeida Barros is the first openly gay man to serve in public office in Everett.

He has always been open about being gay.

Bridge’s Facebook page tells her unique story in many ways.

Bridge has been speaking out at nearly every meeting of the city council during the public speaking period for several months.

She also speaks before the School Committee.

She makes a good impression.

She is articulate, informed, and appears eager to have an impact in the city which she calls her home.

She has a substantial Linked In profile detailing her professional work as a b2b expert and her work record dating back to the early 2000’s.

It will be interesting to see the support Bridge will receive.

She is not only facing Councilor Jimmy Tri Le but Nancy Ciancetta and Holly Garcia.

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