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The gaming floor at Encore Boston Harbor. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

John Hanlon

We were very politely informed last week that former mayor, city clerk and now councilor at large John Hanlon is not 85 years old.

He is, in fact, 88 years old.

Given his age, Hanlon remains relevant and as a major player in the week to week drama on the city council.

There is no more durable councilor at large than Hanlon.

He is running again for re-election. Why not!

We wish him the best.


Leo Pizzano has been reappointed to the Traffic Commission for 3 years; James LaVecchio has been confirmed for 3 years; Alfred Lattanzi has been reappointed to the Traffic Commission for 3 years.

Daryl Colson was reappointed to the Conservation Commission for 3 years; Allison Jenkins has been appointed as the city’s purchasing agent for a 3 year term.

Kids ARPA funds

The city council has sent to the Ways and Means Committee the request for a $1 million grant from ARPA funds for projects designed by a Youth Initiative.

Councilors questioned where the money would go, who would run the money and how the money would be spent.

“You can’t just hand them $1 million,” Council President Mike Marchese told his colleagues.

They seemed to agree.

The measure was sent to the committee by a 6-3 vote.

The kids were asked to come there with facts and figures.

Lead Pipes underground

Councilor Darren Costa said there are as few as 1,000 lead connections for water piping leading into homes and as many as 5,000 in total.

The city is now funding the replacement of 150 lead water pipe delivery systems leading into homes and has appropriated $1.5 million to achieve the change.

Drinking water tainted with lead because the water has passed through lead piping can cause serious brain damage and illness.

Flags still matter

The city placed hundreds of flags on graves of veterans at the Glenwood Cemetery in Everett recently.

Hundreds of veterans from our countries involvement in various wars and engagements are buried at Glenwood and next door at Woodlawn.

Many volunteers turned out to place the flags – another sign that veterans are not forgotten.

Everett firefighters and police officers and students from Everett High School – members of the band – helped out placing the flags.

The annual initiative was planned and exe- cuted by Everett’s Director of Veterans Affairs Antoine Coleman.

Willie Wonka Always pleases

The Keverian School Drama Club presented Willie Wonka Jr. recently.

It took place in the Everett High School auditorium.

Teachers Brittnay Mitchell, Eric Dauenhauer, Hayley Petraitis and Ally Creighton created a memorable show.

In all, 55 kids either performed or took part in stage jobs to make the production come to life.

Great job everyone!

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