Kisan Upadhaya runs for councilor at large

Kisan Upadhaya

By Josh Resnek

Kisan Upadhaya is running for councilor at large.

He is the first man born in Nepal to run for office in Everett.

That is a distinction indeed in a community that values its racially and culturally mixed population.

Upadhaya, 55, has achieved some citywide notoriety by appearing at numerous city council and school committee meetings, having his say during the public speaking sessions.

“I’ve been attending many city council meetings. I am paying attention to issues, especially with the schools. I became especially motivated when the city failed to extend the school superintendent’s contract,” he told the Leader Herald.

Upadhaya is a writer and author. He works for Children’s Hospital as an IT manager and he owns and manages the Neighborhood Convenience Store at 115 Main Street.

He also runs a small Nepalese restaurant inside the store.

Upadhaya said he has a large group of strong supporters who will be aiding him in his citywide run.

“I have a big large group of supporters who will hold signs. I will use social media. And I’m going from business to business in Everett for fundraising. I am also connecting with the Haitian and Spanish community as well as the Nepalese community who will door knock and gather signatures for me,” he added.

He has already begun door knocking. He will be launching a website shortly.

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