Public Participation

John Puopolo

“You should double the ARPA Funding for funding of youth projects from $1 million to $2 million. I’m concerned with the remaining $47 million the city is holding. I’d like to see it go to Pope John…legal costs are out of control…it is embarrassing that taxpayers are burdened with this outrageous amount of money for legal fees and law suits.

Tulia Pettino

She expressed the belief that the $1 million earmarked by the city council from ARPA funds for student projects. A gap was described between youth and government in Everett, that trust is needed. The belief was expressed that fewer people are voting because they don’t believe it matters. Three members of the Youth Initiative Council were in favor of $1 million grant from ARPA funds.

Paula Sterite

Top 25 taxpayers – something looks off, Paula Sterite told the council. She said residential valuations don’t look right. They don’t seem right. Regarding the $350,000 needed to pay the city’s lawyers for the US Attorney’s probe into racism, Sterite criticized the city’s message to the council that the money is not needed because the city has found it.

Kit Bridge

Encouraged the city when engaging with the state about AMI. Urged the city to pass out ARPA funds but questioned the lack of a process for using the funds. She supported the $1 million for youth initiatives. Questioned $14 million in mayor’s budget for modular spaces to reduce overcrowding.

Steve Iannaco

City employees currently use 185 city owned vehicles. What does that cost? We’d like to know. Not everyone employed by the city needs a car.

Questioned cost and work to be done to remove lead pipe water systems.

Let’s start looking at the bills being bid and paid. If the contractor underbid, they lose out, not the taxpayers.

Juan Ramos

Spoke in favor of Everett Youth Initiative’s request for $1 million in AREPA funds.

“They’ve been working on this for longer than a year. It only makes sense to put up the money,” he said.

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