Rachael Rollins resigns

The probe into racism, discrimination and retaliation by the US Attorney’s office will not end with US Attorney Rachael Rollin’s resignation last week.

US Attorneys come and go.

Much of the senior staff remains.

In this case, Rollin’s departure has led to the elevation to acting US Attorney, Attorney Joshua Levy.

We don’t know very much about Levy but we know this: he now leads every investigation underway inside the US Attorney’s office in Boston.

This includes the Everett probe.

Lawyers we spoke with all agreed, the investigations don’t stop. The probes don’t stop when a US Attorney leaves.

What does this mean for the Everett probe which has cost the city more than $1 million in legal fees during the past year?

Not much.

The probe continues with Rollins or without Rollins.

Rollins won’t be guiding it. She is finished. She is done.

It is Attorney Levy, that is, Acting US Attorney Joshua Levy who will now be calling the shots in the office in the Federal Court House.

How he proceeds is anyone’s guess.

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