Racism probe continues; billing continues; when does it stop?

By Josh Resnek

The city is right now into the federal probe into racism and discrimination here in the amount of $850,000.

Without an add up and a public accounting of the billings to date, it is impossible to know how much more in legal hours billed the city owes to Greenberg Traurig.

The resignation of US Attorney Rachel Rollins is not expected to sink the probe nor is it expected to accelerate the probe.

Exactly what happens now in Rollins’ absence is what will ultimately matter to Everett and to whomever the Justice Department civil rights team of lawyers working on this case are looking at – if anyone.

The new acting US Attorney Joshua Levy is now the man in charge. He has been named the acting US Attorney replacing Rollins who has gone into a rather disgraceful sunset.

Levy has been both a prosecutor and a plaintiff’s attorney over a three decade career.

He was a lawyer for the noted Boston law firm Ropes and Gray.

He had been working for Rollins for almost 2 years.

A report in Monday’s Boston Globe described Levy as “empathic.”

A nearly complete media blackout continues as this probe expands of contracts.

Observers have not much insight as to where the government is heading as the government tends to reveal nothing about the probe.

From previous statements made to the city council from some of our public officials, Greenberg Traurig’s effort is to stave off the probe turning into a full fledged investigation and that turning into a federal case.

By all accounts, this has been accomplished – at least for the present moment.

The government is apparently already calling or is preparing to call witnesses in to give testimony or for interviews, we were informed some weeks back by city officials speaking before the city council.

Just what shape and form such an effort is taking is unknown.

Several lawyers pointed out to the Leader Herald that US Attorneys come and go, the tried and true staff remains.

It is a bit like when on the battlefield and a captain is killed in action, another captain steps up to take his place.

This is what happened when Rollins resigned last week.

Levy, the second in charge, presumably came on where Rollins took off.

His duty will be to carry on the case load, to lead the US Attorney’s office, and to make the tough decisions.

What will he do with Everett? This is anyone’s guess.

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