Robert Van Campen’s return

Attorney Robert Van Campen’s return to city politics as a candidate in Ward 5 after a more than a decade brake brings back into the Everett election scene a family man with integrity, never besmirched by controversy or scandal.

Van Campen is not your average candidate coming back for another run at public office.

His presence on the council for many years was marked by Van Campen’s sense of fairness and right and wrong and his lawyer’s sense of what is legal and just and what is not.

As a Ward 1 candidate for city council, he will be facing Vivian Nguyen.

Nguyen is the youngest councilor, perhaps 23.

Van Campen’s only election loss was to the mayor when he ran for mayor some years back.

Van Campen has said he is only interested in gaining a seat oo the council.

His main interest, he said, are the people of Ward 5.

He has pledged to knock on every door in the ward. To introduce himself again to residents who have known him for a lifetime as well as introducing himself to those newcomers who populate the ward.

Van Campen’s reemergence into the Everett political world is a big event.

His election to a council seat would bring gravitas to the council.

We wish him the best.

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