Will Fred Capone run?

Former Councilor Attorney Fred Capone has been very quiet in recent weeks.

Many residents and his supporters are wondering – will Ca- pone be running for a council seat?

And if he does get back on the council, or even if he fails to run, will he run again for mayor in two years?

These questions swirl around Capone during this period of quiet away from the council and the Everett political scene.

The widely assumption is if that Capone pulls papers and runs for a council seat, that that may just be the precursor to another try for the corner office – assuming his wins the council seat.

Or maybe not.

Some observers claim Capone’s last run against the mayor proved the mayor’s invincibility.

Many of the mayor’s closest supporters believe he cannot be beaten.

Would Capone try another run for mayor?

Would he do that without first getting back on the council? Hard to say.

This we know about Capone: he is a dogged campaigner and he would like to server as the mayor of Everett.

The question is, has Capone’s time come and gone? Is he done politically here?

We don’t believe so.

Will he try a comeback?

We don’t know but it seems likely.

In the next few weeks Capone with either decide to pull papers for a council run or not.

Until then, it is difficult to know where exactly he stands when it comes to his political future here.

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