Memorial Day reminds us about bravery, service and sacrifice in a divided nation

By Josh Resnek

America today is divided.

It’s Republicans versus Democrats, and right wingers versus liberals.

Many millions of Americans are split about what they want out of their government and how they want the nation to look at to act.

It is not unreasonable to say that at this time in our national history among our leaders there are no heroes, there is no bravery. There is only division with no one seeming to know the way much less to show us how to act.

That is, except for the armed forces of the United States and the men and women who have signed up to put their lives on the line by signing themselves away tot he United States of America.

Our men and women in uniform here and all over the world, on ships at sea, in submarines, patrolling the skies in jet airplanes and conducting military operations on the ground – these are the heroes. They are about heroism. They are about bravery.

Throughout the centuries, these American heroes have died in wars and engagements here and all over the world.

President Abraham Lincoln was responsible for originating the solemn holiday as a remembrance to those in the Union Army who sacrificed their lives on the alter of liberty on the civil war battlefields.

From that time on, the holiday has morphed into what it is today…a time for reflection and remembrance, and a time to think about everything under the sun when it comes to sacrifice.

This year’s Memorial Day celebration comes at a moment in the our national history when we are pitted against one another as a people.

Our politicians are largely bankrupt. The parties they represent are bankrupt.

Again, we have no leaders to speak of today. There is no sacrifice by our leaders in the present government stumbling along in Washington, D.C. There is only division and self-aggrandizement.

Placing flowers on the graves of those Americans who gave their lives in the name of freedom, who died in the name of freedom, who gave their lives so America would go on, is a very heavy moment for all the friends and relatives of those who are no longer with us.

All those who gave their lives were brave.

All those who gave their lives were heroes.

For the most part, the members of the armed forces of the United States today can be trusted to do the right thing more than our politicians.

When they are asked to charge at the risk of their own lives, they charge. They engage. They fight and they fight to win so that we can remain a free people.

Their willingness to take orders, to move forward on the battlefield when given the signal, to engage in combat to the death so that we can be free… well, heroism and bravery doesn’t get much more compelling than that.

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, we return back to the simplicity and safety of our lives as Americans in the knowledge that it is not our politicians who will rise to the call to protect freedom but rather, it is the members of our armed forces.

Our national cemeteries and cemeteries across the land are filled with heroes.

We should always acknowledge their sacrifice and make of the Memorial Day holiday more than the traditional beginning of summer.

Memorial Day above all is about sacrifice and Godliness.

May we never forget this.

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