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The Beginning of Summer

The beginning of another summer of our lives is always a right of passage – at least every summer has the ability to change our lives.

None of us can know how a summer will affect us…not until the summer is over.

From year to year, editorialists with a sense of adventure, and of dread, write about the summer as it is upon us.

Summer is indeed upon us.

The heat of summer has not shown its sweaty hand…but it is for sure coming.

What we do not know at this moment is who will fall in love this summer?

Who will fall out of love?

Who will marry and who will divorce?

Who will die?

Who will get sick?

Who will score a big hit at Encore?

Who will find the meaning to their life? Who will become muddled in life’s exigencies and find they are hopelessly lost? Some will wish for the summer to end before it has begun. Others will enjoy every day of summer.

Others will fall into debt.

Bottom line, summers come and summers go.

Our advice is to take each day one at a time.

Enjoy the longer days, the armer days, the days at the beach or on your bicycles or motor cycles, or inside your homes in front of air conditioners evading the heat.

Eating outdoors, having a cookout, doing absolutely nothing but watching television drama or the news, or playing around with your cell-phone of playing games on your computer.

Dreaming. Summers are good for dreaming but don’t spend too much time dreaming because the summers comes and goes, just like that, like the snap of you finger.

We all know all of the above.

We have all experienced all of the above.

There is a great deal of inevitability with each summer get to experience in our lives. We all try to make summer special because it is so short.

We must all remember…all of us…each and every one of us… get’s only so many summers in a lifetime.

So here’s a tip of the hat to the summer of 2023 that is upon us. Have some fun, if you can.

Enjoy, if you can.

And when it is done just 90 days from now, we will lament its passing or say hooray that it is over.

And some won’t.

A few of the hardworking and smart will score some money this Summer.

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