Capone maintaining deep silence about his political future; will he pull papers?

Fred Capone. (Contributed photo)

By Josh Resnek

Former councilor, former mayoral candidate, Attorney Fred Capone has been maintaining the kind of radio silence that submarine commanders insist upon when they are out to sea in enemy waters.

Not much has recently been heard from Capone.

We know this, Capone is watching with interest as papers are pulled as the election season takes shape and form.

This is a given for Capone, who, if nothing else, is per- haps the most informed present non-candidate in the city standing on the sideline.

To confuse his quiet with a lack of interest is probably an incorrect assumption.

Capone did well as a mayoral candidate.

But in the end, there was no cigar, no triumph, just a tough campaign that came close but not close enough.

He lost.

Losing is hard. Coming back is hard.

Doing nothing is hard when you have been as involved as Capone has been for the past decade.

For many months following the loss, Capone kept up a strong public presence attending council meetings and speaking out.

In recent months, this posturing to remain in the public eye has disappeared.

Has Capone disappeared?

Not really.

Rather, he’s stepped aside for right now.

This could change in an instant if he appears at city hall and pulls papers.

The question we have raised about Robert Van Campen’s return is the same question we raise about the possible return of Capone.

Will a ward seat or an at large seat satisfy Capone?

Or will he want to set down another course and run for mayor again?

We called him to ask. The call went to voicemail.

The silence is deafening.

We are sure we will hear from Capone about his intentions.

Right now, his silence runs deep.

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