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Dell Isola bowing out

By Josh Resnek

Councilor at Large Richard Dell Isola will not be running for re-election he announced last week.

An easy going, affable man from a well known and popular political family, Dell Isola will likely take more time to spend with his family after a long and mostly successful run at public office in Everett over a many year period.

He was already out of the scene after a retirement of sorts when he was the last man out in the 2019 City Election.

But when former at large councilor Peter Napolitano was named assistant city clerk, Dell Isola filled the vacancy as the runner up. At that time, he was quoted as saying in the Everett Independent that he would be pleased to take Napolitano’s seat.

He said he would not only take the seat, but that he would run again for the seat in the 2021 election, which he did, and which he won.

Dell Isola has always talked about team work and about getting along.

He is not one for rancor or for shouting or public anger aimed at his colleagues or anyone else.

He has consistently been an ally of the mayor as well as a good friend.

Dell Isola bowing out presumably opens up at least one space in the crowded at large field.

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