Homage to the janitors

Several of the student speakers at the Everett High School graduation spoke with passion and eloquence about those who gave them comfort and support during their years at the high school.

Notably, several speakers mentioned the high school janitors as among the pillars of support and kindness who supported them along the way.

It is not every day, every month, every year or at all, quite frankly, when janitors are singled out for being great people to the kids they speak and interact with every day during four years of high school.

And so, here’s to the high school janitors.

They do a great job under difficult to impossible circumstances. They are rarely lauded.

Rather, they are routinely criticized by the city government.

Be that as it may, the kudos the janitors received for supporting the kids at the high school was really something to behold and to take note of.

Thank you all for what you do.

The kids’ compliments at graduation said it all.

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