The one nagging question about Van Campen’s candidacy he won’t answer

By Josh Resnek

Robert Van Campen’s re-emergence as a candidate in Ward 5 is taking on a new life force as politically savvy people try to determine just what Van Campen is really up to.

The most often asked question about Van Campen is this: is he running to be the Ward 5 councilor or is he running to use the Ward 5 seat as a step- ping stone for another run for the mayoralty?

Van Campen is the kind of Everett lawyer who would most likely like to be mayor of the city one day.

It is in his blood, so to speak.

He tried once before but the time wasn’t right.

The mayor was emerging and expanding his power base. Van Campen was no match for the mayor at that time now many years ago.

He may not be a match for the mayor right now, either.

But he isn’t running for mayor.

He’s running for the Ward 5 seat, with his eyes staring into an uncertain future.

Van Campen is still a younger guy.

He can afford to wait see how things play out.

The expectation is that he wants to be prepared to pounce should the mayor leave for another position.

If he can get himself elected to the Ward 5 seat, that would be the beginning of his journey tot he corner office at the city hall.

First, Van Campen must show that he remains relevant to the voters and homeowners in Ward 5.

He must win convincingly in the ward race or he will be stuck there.

Nguyen does not appear to want to roll over and die because Van Campen is running against her.

After all, she’s the incumbent.

She will have to work very hard to maintain her seat.

Van Campen will campaign aggressively. He has many friends in the ward and around the city.

Running for Ward 5 Van Campen has chosen the easy way out.

Can he make it back on to the council?

The ultimate question.

Does he want to be mayor of Everett?

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