Red Sox pitcher should retire

Some of us who pay attention to the Red Sox watched with dismay last week as pitcher Chris Sale was put on the injured list – and for a long stretch.

What a surprise.

At this point, Sale should retire.

His career has not been about stardom or achievement. It has been about fighting injuries and always trying to come back.

We can’t recall exactly how much the Red Sox paid for Sale, but it was tens of millions.

There has been a negative return on investment with Sale – and this has gone on now for something like five years.

The question is this: how long can the Red Sox keep up the charade that Sale will ever amount to anything but a nearly perpetually injured player always rehabbing to get back his mojo?

Sale’s mojo is all about injuries and that’s just about it for him. It is time for common sense people and bottom liners like the Red Sox ownership and management, to jettison Sale and to try someone else.

Wishing for Sale to be healthy and to win 20 games is like buying a Scratch Ticket and thinking you will win $4 million.

Sale has proven over many years this isn’t going to happen.

Waiting for it to happen is worse than parting ways and starting over, the Red Sox licking their wounds, admitting to a bad mistake, and moving on.

This will even be better for Sale, who by this time in his career, must certainly be fed up with himself.

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