Coming into the Fourth of July

Generally, June is a slow crawl into July which is a faster paced month leading to august and then to the end of summer.

So here it only the third week of June and we’re hinting at how fast time is passing us by.

Time passing by is a personal thing for most of us. Some of us believe time flies.

Some of us feel strongly that time moves slowly. The runup to July 4 seems very quick this year. The weather has been spotty.

Summer feels like it wants to happen but isn’t yet happening. What to do?

Take one day at a time.

Awaken early, do your thing, be your best, run a full day and linger well into the night.

Each day, as many of us have come to understand, is a gift. You never want to squander a gift.

By the same token, you should never want to squander time. We only get so much time on this earth.

So let’s make an effort to enjoy it. The summer seems to be coming fast.

Let’s try to slow things down a notch…and smell the roses.

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