Letter to the Editor

I found Paula Sterite’s email not to be offensive in the least. I do however find Mr Mangan’s respond to be both offensive and quite frankly his behavior to be somewhat hysterical. And not in a funny way.

Paula’s email had nothing to do with the LGBTQ community. It was totally taken out of context. It was about tax dollars and how some get a free pass based on their political connections.

Now I’m sure many in Everett knew nothing about Mike Mangan’s daughter. That’s her own personal business. But now he brought it into a public forum where it didn’t belong.

It’s my opinion that Mike‘s attempted to deflect and take the heat off the SC and put it onto a taxpayer who obviously is pushing buttons.

I also believe Mike is trying to use the issue for political gain, whether he realizes it or not. His leadership or lack of it is clear. I believe he needs to step down. He cannot tolerate people exercising their first amendment right. The SC is crumbling under his leadership. And he is obviously out of control. Everett deserves better.

Stephen Pinto Everett, MA

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