Letter to the Editor

I won’t go into the history of the Devens school about what a bad business decision it was and apparently now continues to be, or that the owner is another long term donor positioned to make millions off someones really bad decisions.

I will merely point out that had the mayor, as he agreed, got Pope John ready to accept students we would be able to walk away from the Devens school lease next year. But bad decision on top of bad decision plagues this city.

You do realize the Devens school purchase is a net zero for student overcrowding relief?

The ARPA money should go to Pope John as city council requested. The proposed purchase vs invest in Pope John is a really bad decision. Especially considering there is NO NEW high school on the horizon.

Regards, John Puopolo Ward 5

The above letter to the editor was sent to every member of the Everett City Council By Mr. Puopolo.

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