Oliveira’s goes upscale with extensive wine display inside the restaurant

The incredible wide rack inside Oliveira’s.

By Josh Resnek

The new wine selection displayed inside Oliveira’s on Broadway in the Square is a bit over the top – like everything else that is done in this Brazilian style steakhouse restaurant that has been a staple of the dining out scene in Everett for longer than a decade.

Oliveira’s is known far and wide for its fabulous grill featuring beef sirloin, lamb, chicken and sausage cooked to perfection on skewers and sliced by grill chefs onto your plate.

Oliveira’s also excels with its extensive buffet that fills your plate before you get to the beef counter.

The introduction of the wine rack across the buffet at the front of the place when you walk in is a seminal moment in the continuing development of one of the city’s most successful restaurants.

Oliveira’s is also a sports bar, a place for families to eat at, and a place for younger people to enjoy an evening out for fun.

Check out the new wine selection at Oliveira’s.

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