Lattanzi versus Pietrantonio is about oldtime Everett personalities

By Josh Resnek

Councilor Al Lattanzi has settled nicely into his Ward 6 council seat.

The longtime Everett businessman and close friend of the mayor has become his own man at council meetings.

Lattanzi is comfortable speaking out. He comports himself almost like an ambassador, commenting calmly always, asking important questions of those who come before the council, and treating everyone with respect.

He is facing Peter Pietrantonio, a longtime Everett resident from a well known family who spent his work years with the city of Everett and in other similar municipal positions.

Pietrantonio is a well-known Everett man. He is apparently friendly with many people throughout the ward. He has pledged to campaign.

Lattanzi already has signs up in a variety of locations in the ward. Lattanzi wants to be re-elected.

It remains to be seen what exactly happens when all the votes are counted after the campaign in Ward 6.

Lattanzi as the incumbent has the natural ad- vantage. Pietrantonio as the popular newcomer has a shot.

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