McLaughlin withdraws from school committee race; says he’ll be back

By Josh Resnek

Mike McLaughlin, one of the city’s best known politicians, surprised many of his supporters last week when he announced he will not be running for office in the municipal election coming up.

McLaughlin, who is presently vice-chair of the School Committee, is 37 and a 2004 graduate of Everett High School.

He has had a long political career which began when he was elected to the then, Common Council in 2010 before going on to serve as the Ward 6 city councilor for six years.

In November, 2021, he was elected the Ward 6 member of the School Committee.

In an announcement published last week in the Everett Independent, McLaughlin said it has been the honor of a lifetime to serve the only community “I have ever called home.”

He said he was proud he served as not only in elective office – “long before that , I served as a volunteer throughout the city.” He said Everett is a beautiful community made up of people from all around the world calling 02149 their home.

He said “there is a divisive group of individuals trying to pull the city apart. They will never win. Everett is too strong. They will fail at their desperate attempt to hurt our community.”

In the Independent “farewell” piece, McLaughlin thanked his supporters.

He described not running as “ending one chapter and beginning another in my life.”

AT the end of the lengthy farewell piece in the Independent, McLaughlin said this: “Thank you Everett for shaping me into the person I am today. This isn’t goodbye – it’s I’ll see you later,” concluded McLaughlin, the Independent reported. McLaughlin, however, did not detail why he is not running, why he is pulling out of the Everett political scene.

Efforts to reach McLaughlin by the Leader Herald were unsuccessful.

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