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Incumbent Mike Mangan facing 4 opponents in Ward 4 contest

Leader Herald Staff

Incumbent School Committee Chairman Mike Mangan is facing a number of opponents in his bid to be returned to the Ward 4 seat.

Mike Mangan running hard.

Two weeks ago he was facing three candidates.

As this week comes to pass, that number has increased by one, school committee hopeful, local insurance man, James Mastrocola.

Mangan is also facing Thomas Messina, Robin Babcock, and Lucas Rosa.

Messina so far is the only candidate out of the handful who has had his signatures certified.

Mangan has carved out a place for himself on the school committee.

He presents himself as someone who makes his own decisions.

He recently served up the motion to begin the search for a replacement for Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani, but only after praising Tahiliani and detailing how he did not want to be doing what he did but that he had to do it as it was the wish of the school committee.

Mastrocola, a relative of the successful and well known Mastrocola Family, and the owner of the insurance company of the same name (which was recently purchased by a larger local insurance company), has shown an interest in becoming involved in the Everett political scene.

Candidate Rosa is an assurance engineer for Verizon. He has also shown an interest in Everett politics.

Babcock is another candidate who has taken a public interest in the Everett School system and who has, in the past, spoke out at public meetings.

Messina has held a number of jobs and is wanting to get involved.

Mangan facing so many opponents is an interesting developing situation, according to those who have followed Mangan’s career.

With so many candidates, every vote tends to count a great deal more.

Identifying his vote and getting it out is what Mangan will try to do.

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