Mike McLaughlin

School Committeeman Mike Mclaughlin has said he will not be running for re-election.

He announced in the Everett Independent that he is leaving office.

He gave a very long interview to the publication about not running but did not disclose why exactly he is leaving.

McLaughlin not running for re-election to a sure win and another two years in public office does not make much sense on the face of it. Generally, tried and true longtime Everett politicians do not decide to give up their seats on a whim.

There is always a reason.

In this case, McLaughlin gave no reason.

We wonder why he is leaving his seat when he is such an avid proponent for hiring a new school superintendent?

Also, he tends to support nearly everything the administration suggests when it comes to the public schools.

Why leave such an influential place when you don’t have to?

In his announcement made to the Independent he detailed his service, his love for service, his humility and his humbleness about serving the people of Everett. But he did not reveal why he is leaving.

Maybe in the weeks to come we’ll get a better insight as to why McLaughlin has decided to withdraw from the upcoming election. Or maybe not.

McLaughlin just leaving like this doesn’t make political sense…or does it?

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