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A Short walk to transit for new residents of Everett. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

Everett Deserves

Everett does not need rapid transit.

It deserves rapid transit.

With all the thousands of new apartment units already built and being built, the one thing miss- ing in the new configuration for the city is a rail line into and out of Boston through Somerville.

Such an extension of T rapid transit service would cost in the high hundreds of millions of dollars for acquisition and construction.

In the end, however, that cost would be far less than the inconvenience and waste caused by automobile traffic and the endless stream of pollution spewed from car engines.

Electric cars look to be the future, so car emissions at some point won’t matter. Thousands of residents here able to take rapid transit daily into and out of Somerville and Boston from a near to downtown station located somewhere in the nexus of the Exxon Mobil property is a must.

If Everett is to flow properly for all of its res- idents, such a line is absolutely needed. At this time, developers along the Parkway are touting that Chelsea is but a 7 minute walk for new residents and a chance to hook up with rapid transit into Boston on the Silverline or with commuter trains. This will work imperfectly for a while.

What Everett needs is its own rapid transit stop.

Get this, and everything about growth follows smoothly into the future.

115 degrees Climate Change?

We have so far escaped the scorching heat that is ruining lives for millions across the nation this summer.

The same is happening in Europe, in places like England, Spain, Greece, France and Italy.

In the American West and South, and especially in places like Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida the populations in those states are baking as though they are living in a stove without a vent.

In Phoenix, Arizona last week and this week temperatures are hovering over 100 every day.

In Death Valley, the hottest place on earth, the temperature neared 130 degrees!

The world media is convinced these higher temperatures are due to climate change.

Scientific evidence indicates the earth is warmer and growing warmer from year to year.

The ice caps are melting. The seas are rising.

The earth is convulsing.

But we all have to wonder, what are any of us experiencing these real time weather changes actually doing to turn the situation around?

The other major question among many more?

Can this situation be turned around?

It is hard to sell humanity the likelihood that we are exterminating ourselves by emitting so much bad gas into the atmosphere every day.

No one wants to believe the world is coming to an end.

Yet the dramatic weather changes speak for themselves…and we have begun to worry.

In the meantime, what do Americans do to beat the heat that might be destroying us?

Turn on the air conditioner!

We all begin to wonder, how long will that last when the power sources burn out from the heat?

Little Leaguers Triumph

The Everett Little League All Star Team won the District 12 championship last week in a thrilling 2-1 victory over undefeated Melrose.

Everett baseball players, kids like Nick Young, Cadan Foley, Nick Tung, Nick Savi and Troy Coke led their teammates to this clutch victory to the delight of Coach Brian Savi.

The tournament was held in Dorchester.

For those of us who played baseball all our lives, and who started out with the minors and moved to the majors, and who participated in championship all-star contests, this Everett victory was as sweet as it gets.

It is always tough beating a team like Melrose.

Sand Sculpting at Revere Beach

It is that time of year again when Revere Beach is invaded by hundreds of thousands of visitors and traffic heading north is disrupted by the annual san sculpting festival.

The 19th annual festival returns from Friday, July 28, to Sun- day July 30.

The theme of this year’s festival…King Kong.

As usual, if you make it over to Revere Beach, there will be fireworks on Saturday night.

It is expected over 1 million people will flock to Revere Beach for this festival.

The sand sculptures are world class, with some of the best sand sculptors in the world competing for the grand prize.
Sculptors from Hawaii, California, the Netherlands and Poland are participating this year.

Be prepared, however, if you generally take liesurly trips down Revere Beach.

This will not be possible from Thursday onward. The traffic will be of nightmare category.

However the festival itself is pretty funky and a great family take in.

See you there.

Academic Honors

Sara Bourjjai of Everett majoring in Media Arts Production and a member of the Class of 2024 at Emerson College has been named to the Dean’s List with a grade point average of 3.7.

Emerson College is a major force in training its undergraduates in every form of media.

Congrats to Sara.

Madison Germain of Everett graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University in May, the university has announced.

The commencement was held in Hartford.

Congrats to Madison.

Dennis Ryan of Everett is quite the public speaker and has been recognized as such by his alma mater, College of the Holy Cross.

Ryan received the 2023 Patrick Crowley Memorial Award from the university. This award is given for proficiency in oratory and debating.

Congrats to Ryan.

More Than $1 Million

A Banker and Tradesman report last week revealed yet another $1 million + real estate transaction in Everett, this time, on Bucknam Street.

A property at 79 Bucknam Street was sold for $1,150,000!

The million dollar threshold, that is, properties selling near to $1 million or over have been conveyed in abundance during the past five years.

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