— Eye on Everett —

In this weekly column Josh Resnek, editor of the Leader Herald and The Blue Suit, a blue cloth suit quite often worn by the most successful politician in the city of Everett, become involve ed in discussion big and small about events important and unimportant, and in general, they talk about everything Everett.


A case could be made that the Blue Suit does not exist, that no one actually communicates or talks with a cloth blue suit.

There are we suppose many people who believe Josh talks with a cloth blue suit and there are many who do not believe he talks with a cloth blue suit.

The Blue Suit himself has admitted to Josh that he (the Blue Suit) is as real as anyone walking, living and breathing on this earth.

Many do not believe this.

Because the study of science proves beyond a reasonable doubt that there is no such thing as a living, breathing, thinking, cloth blue suit who knows everything about Everett and tells Josh Resnek all about this.

Then again, many people who claim there is no God hide behind just this type of reasoning, that is to say, many non-believers insist that the study of science proves there is no such thing as God.

Millions and billions of people believe in science but also believe in God.

Science, for the most part, is infallible. You can argue against opinions but it is difficult to argue against what science teaches us, what it proves, what it disproves.

Again, science is pretty tough to beat – but science insisting God can’t exist gets a bit much for many of us who have a great deal of wonder about God, heaven, hell, miracles and everything else not covered by absolutely correct scientific studies.

In other words, science can disprove God, heaven, hell and even miracles because their composition can’t be tested or measured, verified or touched, guaranteed and on and on and on.

“OK, Josh. You’re saying that science proves I don’t exist,” the Blue Suit asked me Tuesday afternoon.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Bottom line, you are not real…although I know better than that because you’re seated next to me in my automobile and we’re driving through Everett Square on a gorgeous sunny summer day in July,” I replied.

We decided to eat at Kelly’s on the beach. I headed that way. The Blue Suit smacked his lips.

“Now can anyone who is not alive and real smack their lips thinking about going to Kelly’s for lunch?” he asked me.

“That’s a very good point,” I told him.

“I’m as real as they come,” he said with emphasis. “ I am growing very tired of you trying to make of me a cloth suit with no real heart or soul,” he added.

“Science can’t study the soul,” he added. “Science can’t study God. Science can’t study miracles. Science can study the human heart,” he added.

OK,” I said. “What if I took you to the MGH in Boston to the cardiology department. Could you be tested with an electrocardiogram? Would such a test show anything?” I asked the Blue Suit.

He grabbed my hand. I placed it open handed over the chest part of the shirt he was wearing.

“What do you hear?” he asked me.

“Nothing,” I replied.

“Well, that doesn’t mean my heart isn’t beating,” he said.

“I’m as real as you are, Josh,” he said to me.

“I have feelings like you have feelings. I have needs like you have needs. I have dreams. Everything isn’t about the study of science. Science can’t prove I don’t exists,” he said.

We arrived at Kelly’s on the beach. We got out of the car.

“Hey, look over there,” a younger man shouted out to his bud- dies. “That is him, the Blue Suit. A small group of people crowded around the Blue Suit trying to shake his hand or to hug him. Others shouted at him and got close to him and asked him for autographs.

“I never thought he was real all that time Josh Resnek has been writing about him,” said one of the young men crowding around him after the Blue Suit signed an autograph onto a Kelly’s napkin for him.

“Just look at this if you think the Blue Suit doesn’t exist. That autograph is real. Just look at his handwriting. It rocks,” he added.

The Blue Suit said to me: “See that! I’m a cloth blue suit and I’m giving out autographs in front of Kelly’s at Revere Beach,” he said to me.

“Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Josh” he added.

“Let science try to study me giving out autographs to people all wanting to meet me,” he said.

Then we ordered.

“I’ll have two lobster rolls (at the new lower price), two cups of chowder, a fish sandwich – not the plate, just the sandwich and a large order of fries and onion rings,” he said to the girl behind the counter.

She looked at the Blue Suit.

“Are you the Blue Suit?” she asked him.

“Hey guys,” he shouted to everyone inside Kelly’s in the food area. “Look who I’m serving – the Blue Suit.”

Everyone in the cooking area crowded to the window where the Blue Suit stood. Everyone demanded to shake his hand.

“Is this incredible!” he said to me.

“And you think I don’t exist,” he added.

“You can take all that study of science BS and shove it,” the Blue Suit said to me.

“I’m as real as they come. Anyone telling you otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about,” he concluded.

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