From ugly duckling to shining example of architectural triumph on Broadway

Another remarkable Broadway real estate transformation in the new Everett. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

Leader Staff

Some months back when the reconstruction of the above Broadway commercial building began, the Leader Herald photographer snapped a few shots.

The reconstruction included a big addition to the rear of the building, kind of a second building attached to the front as well as a third floor added to the main building.

At the time, we wrote that this was a brilliant rehab and reconstruction of the building, an expansion of the structure that was destined to make this a major space by comparison to what existed before.

In the past week, the entirely new brick façade and the nearly finished exterior of the third floor addition have been revealed.

And what a beauty this building has become.

The brickwork encasing the building is first class.

The new windows that have been installed provide major light as well as a pleasing exterior aesthetic touch.

The windows have what appear to be either granite or cement lintels – again – a sign of the detail the owner of the building has chosen from his builder.

This reconstruction has cost millions of dollars.

However, the finished product is going to be one of the more finely appointed modern structures on this part of Broadway just outside of Everett Square heading toward Santilli Circle.

From top to bottom, this is a development to be praised.

An old and ugly building has been transformed into something the owner can point to with great pride.

There is great risk in such a development with so much money spent – but the finished product justifies the expenses.

Great job well done!

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