One open at-large seat for candidates trying to make lightning strike

By Josh Resnek

There has not been as competitive a pack of candidates for the at-large city council spaces in an off-year municipal race in quite some time.

In fact, the number of candidates vying this upcoming September to be nominated for five seats is as crowded as Broadway is with traffic during the weekdays.

The city has certified 13 candidates for the five at-large positions.

Incumbent candidates John Hanlon, Mike Marchese, Stephanie Smith and Irene Cardillo.

In the political world where anything can happen and often does, it would appear the incumbents are safe in their efforts to retain their seats.

This leaves only the seat being vacated by at-large Councilor Richard Dell Isola as the one seat that is available for the eight candidates trying their luck at getting elected to an at large seat.

Eight candidates vying in an election for one open seat are very bad odds for nearly all of the candidates.

Strong enough citywide votes for at large seats are difficult to master.

Candidate Guerline Alcy has proven she is capable of pulling out a large citywide vote, as she did in the last election.

She was beat out by Dell Isola by the slimmest of margins.

Alcy has been campaigning.

This is problematic for everyone else seeking an at large position by all the hopefuls: Angelmarie DeNunzio, Katy Rogers, Shaskia Bosquet, Kisan Upadhaya, Jean Marc Daniel, Maria Bussell, Joseph Piertotti and David LaRosa Senatillaka.

Bussell and Rogers have been frequent public speakers at city council meetings. So too has Upadhaya.

Gaining entry into the at-large “club” is a difficult task.

With so many candidates that effort becomes even more difficult.

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