The $46 Lobster Roll

We do not know which is worse this year down the Cape.

The $46 lobster roll or shark sightings.

Let’ start with the $46 lobster roll.

Can you imagine trying to feed a family of four or five on summer vacation down the Cape with lobster rolls that range from the low $30’s to the higher $46?

Or how about clam plates or shrimp plates, or ice cream cones that are $7 – $8 and housing costs, which amount to thousands whether at a seasonal rental or a temporary Airbnb.

Then there is the ride to the Cape in mile and miles of Expressway traffic getting there and then heading home.

For our money, we think the ride to Revere Beach from Everett to score a $23 lobster roll at Kelly’s is a bargain compared with the Cape’s prices.

However, there is no comparing the rockiness and gray sand of North Shore beaches compared with the white sand of Cape Cod beaches.

There is also the water temperature difference.

Up here, we all need to get used to cold water before jumping in.

Down on the Cape, the water nearer to the Gulf Stream is much warmer and more inviting.

However, up here, we have not yet been petrified to go into the water because a shark might attack us.

Sharks don’t like cold water.

On the Cape, everyone entering the water is looking out for sharks because sharks love warmer water and are attracted to legs splashing around in that warmer water.

The Cape has its advantages and disadvantages.

For us, the $46 lobster roll keeps us here.

No sharks is also an advantage.

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