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Michelle Fenelon shines

Everett native Michelle Fenelon was about one of the best known members of the Everett High School Class of 2010.

She also served as a junior varsity Crimson Tide girls basketball coach. She has pursued a career in the media and advertising, and she’s come a long way.

Fenelon recently “starred” in a Fanatics sports attire national advertising campaign.

She also has done video promotional pieces for Six Flags Amusement Park. She is a model, an actress, and a sports broadcaster with ESPN credentials.

She is another example of an Everett young woman who went through the local school system, to graduate from Everett High School, to go on to college, to triumph in her career.

Good luck, Michelle!

The weather again

July is finished, ending about the rainiest June and July summer sequencing of months in a long, long time.

What will August bring?

If June and July are previews of things to come, then August will also be a bust by comparison to summers past.

Once again, we wonder aloud. Is this climate change affecting the flow of the summer weather?

And if it is climate change, why are we not experiencing any of the 110 heat now making life so hot and difficult for those living out west, and in Europe, and in Africa and India and in China?

When it is July, there is the feeling among many of us that the summer is endless…and then comes August.

For many of us August is marked by knowledge that the summer is waning, that its short period of influence on us is like time running out.

That being said, let’s take each summer day one at a time. The first two days of August have been extraordinary summer days.

Let’s enjoy August, whatever it brings.

Attorney Anthony Rossi

Anthony Rossi is a local developer who has never forgotten where he was brought up, and more importantly, has honored his late father Antonio by handing out generous scholarships to worthy students at Malden Catholic, where Anthony and his brother went to high school. Anthony’s father was a metal machinist. He worked hard to give his sons the advantages they needed to get on their feet for the successes that awaited them. Like his father before him, Anthony has wanted to do for others in need of a boost.

Since 2022, he has given away scholarships – rather sizable scholarships- to Everett kids attending Malden Catholic.

This year’s recipients are: Lisbeth Monteagudo, David Beauvoir and Jordan Demetrio all received $9,400 scholarships as part of what is known as the Antonio Rossi Scholars Program at Malden Catholic.

All three recipients are top honors students with great futures ahead of them.

For Rossi, the scholarships are about his father’s legacy of hard work, for his devotion to his sons to aid them in their own educations and for his desire always to give back to the place he called home.

These Rossi Scholarships are a big deal.

They are all about generosity – and they are about remembering their father, who came from Naples to start his life here when he was 20.

Academic Honors

Two Everett residents, Ashley Cadet and Dennis Ryan have been named to the Dean’s List at the College of the Holy Cross for outstanding academic achievement, the university has announced.

Two Everett residents, Vicki Do and Yosselin Perez Acencio, have successfully completed their studies at Tufts University and were awarded a BA and BS, respectively at graduation exercises in May.

Cyara Lambert, daughter of Jason and Samantha Lambert of Everett graduated from Dickinson College in May.

She received a BA in sociology.

Four Everett residents were named to the Dean’s List for the spring 2023 semester by Tufts University.

Julie Do, Vicki Do, Yosselin Perez Ascencio and Ryan Vu all earned grade point averages of 3.4 of higher.

Our congrats to all of you…and to your parents.

Jamnu Hariram Tahiliani

The promise of America is all bound up in great stories about success in life.

Such a story of triumph is the life and times of Jamnu Hariram Tahiliani, the father of Priya Tahiliani, Everett’s Superintendent of Schools.

He was born in India in 1936, the fourth of eight sons of Hariram Hazarimal Tahiliani and Bhagwani Hariram Tahiliani.

He died last week in California at the age of 87 surrounded by his family.

He became an engineer. He experienced great success. He moved to the United States, to Memphis, Tennessee in 1969.

A year later, after he had gained stability in the United States, he sent for his wife and eldest child.

From then on, this is a great American story.

It was detailed in a long obituary exploring his life which appeared in the Leader Herald last week.

We did not know Mr. Tahiliani.

Mainly, we marvel at an Indian family based in Memphis, Tennessee creating a space for themselves in the American Dream.

We have only come to know his daughter, Priya.

Knowing Priya is like knowing her father.

He must have been a good, good man to produce such a successful daughter!

Our condolences.

Sand sculptures at Revere Beach

I did not attend the Sand Sculpture Festival at Revere Beach this weekend.

I didn’t want to get within a half mile of Revere beach because of the sea of humanity descending there for the festival and the mother of all traffic jams that is caused.

I went to the festival the first few years – but after that – as it became a large event, and then a larger event and finally a monstrous event, I checked out.

Too many people. Too much questionable weather, too much traffic, and no place to hide, so to speak.

The winner of the grand prize took home a $28,000 check.

Now that’s an incentive to compete, isn’t it!

Matthew DiDomenico

Senator Sal DiDomenico’s oldest son, Matthew, an Everett High School National Honor Society graduate, will be attending Boston College in the fall.

The senator had no part in having this snippet of information about his son placed in the Leader Herald.

However, we know how proud he is – and his wife, too – of his son heading out to Boston College.

We also know he will now be facing what many of us have gone through with our own children as BC is about $90,000 a year. Sal makes a bit too much to get aid, so this rather huge expense will have to come from his own pocket.

What a great testament he is to the shepherding he received from his parents and friends and teachers at Everett High School.

The DiDomenico’s show they have walked the walk and talked the talk by sending both their sons through the Everett Public Schools system.

In this respect, they show how they accept and loved being a part of the extraordinary multi-cultural Everett public schools.

We wish Matthew the best on his adventure at one of the best universities in the land.

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