Burst of signage propels Pietrantonio in early effort to gain name recognition

Winthrop Street is blossoming with Pietrantonio signs. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

In the Al Lattanzi versus Peter Pietrantonio contest in Ward 6, signage counts not for everything, but almost everything at this early point in the pre-primary election season.

Lattanzi has the likely advantage of incumbency and a positive relationship with the mayor.

As July has turned to August, signage has begun popping up in Ward 6, which is likely to be one of the most hotly contested races of this year’s municipal election.

While it is well known that signs do not vote, signs, however, have an impact on elections.

The more signs that are better placed that a candidate can mount, represents a solid first step to dominance in the perception game.

In politics everything is about perception…and hard work.

A tour of the ward revealed more Pietrantonio signs than Lattanzi signs.

Lattanzi has incumbency but will that be enough? (Photo by Joe Resnek)

Also, Lattanzi’s signs, when found close to his hardware store, are fewer but larger than Pietrantonio’s.

More Pietrantonio signs than Lattanzi signs is a sign.

A sign of what?

It is a sign that Pietrantonio is making a serious effort out of the box to make an impact in the primary.

Lattanzi showed weakness in his first run for public office four years ago when he took a drubbing from former Councilor Mike McLaughlin.

But Lattanzi came back strong two years ago with a huge victory over Pietrantonio’s son.

The elder Pietrantonio is a well-known resident of the ward, and a popular fellow at that.

He is retired.

Lattanzi has shown himself to be a likeable guy with his actions as a councilor at meetings broadcast almost from week to week on ECTV.

Right now, it is too early in the race to trace anything significant happening other than what we can see.

By mid-August all of that will have changed.

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