Schnitzer a powerhouse

Who knew that Schnitzer, one of Everett’s major taxpayers and employers is also a major league influencer in the corporate effort to make a cleaner, healthier world?

During the past decade Schnitzer, which is changing its brand name to Radius Recycling, has consistently been voted by major publications and working environmental groups, a star in the worldwide fight to recycle without ruining the world, rather, by improving the process and making for a better environment and economy.

Schnitzer’s generosity to the local community here with its numerous generous donations for worthy causes is the stuff of legends.

It is hard to imagine that what goes on at the shredding plant off the Parkway adds up to a net net plus in the recycling world.

It does, bigtime

Thank you to Schnitzer and its talented leadership for being in the vortex of what is right in the recycling world.

Thank you for showing you care about Everett

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