Council candidate Alcy likely a victim of hate crime by unknown young people

By Josh Resnek

Councilor at large candidate Guerline Alcy, one of the city’s best known Haitian activists, believes she was the victim of a possible hate crime.

And she has secured video of the perpetrators which the Everett Police are now in possession of.

Two unknown young people walking up Broadway July 17, placed a burned skull with the nose and mouth cut off and stuffed with an object and what Alcy revealed as “disturbing” grafitti markings markings placed under an Alcy political sign where 511- 517 Broadway meets the 7/11 near to the sidewalk.

The young people are shown placing the skull directly under the sign and then walking away, according to Alcy and to WGBH, who broadcast video of the incident which has been given to the Everett Police and reported to the Justice Department, according to Alcy.

Several e-mails to the Justice Department by the Leader Herald went unanswered.

Alcy told the Leader Herald that she has been in touch with the Everett Police who said they are making all possible investigative efforts to identify the young people shown in the video.

The following is Alcy’s statement to the Leader Herald about what she believes happened.

“On Saturday, July 14, 2023, I received a call that a disturbing object had been placed under one of my campaign signs located between the fencing of 511 and 517 Broadway, Everett. Since I was not around, I asked if a picture could be sent to me.

On Monday, July 17, I went to the 7/11 located at 517 Broadway, Everett to talk to the store owner about the incident. He was nice enough to provide me with a picture and the video of the incident.

I then went to the police station to report it. I provided everything I had and Everett Police are investigating it.

On Friday, July 14, 2023 at 5:18pm, an unknown male and female were observed on video camera with an object on a stick walking towards 7/11 located at 511 Broadway in Everett, MA and placed said object right under the campaign sign of Candidate Guerline Alcy.

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