DiDomenico’s grand moment

Senator Sal DiDomenico’s permanent funding for universal school meals is more than free meals for all public school children in Massachusetts.

This is a bill about doing the right thing as required by a great democracy.

Feeding public school children free meals every day is not about public welfare, rather, it is about doing what is right and what is needed to maintain our view of ourselves as doing the right thing not just for our kids, but for all the kids in public schools.

Again, this is not about welfare.

This is about an obligation to do what is right and just for a society like ours.

Providing free meals to public school students across the state is a pittance when it comes to the sprawling and enormous multi-billion dollar state budget.

You need a vision to create legislation that makes such generosity a part of government in this state.

DiDomenico’s effort in this regard reflects well upon him as a human being, as a father of public school children, and as a shepherd for the state government.

We cannot say enough about the humanity he has shown in making such an offering to his colleagues, and we congratulate his Beacon Hill colleagues for making free breakfast and lunch an option for every child attending the public schools in Massachusetts.

This should serve as a model for the nation, let alone for Massachusetts.

What should be next?

Birth to death health insurance for every resident of Massachusetts.

This is another missing link in the effort to make the claim that America is the greatest country in the world.

Again, we thank Senator DiDomenico for his support for this legislation. This reveals who he really is, and what he is all about.

Thank you, senator.

You’ve done the right thing.

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