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The Blue Suit

This week, the Blue Suit breaks a big Everett news story, about as big as any news story (almost) as the casino coming here.


The Blue Suit has revealed to me, Josh Resnek, Editor of the Leader Herald, that the Kraft Family is set to announce they will be moving the New England Revolution soccer team to a stadium they will be building across from the casino.

The Blue Suit told me this.

“The deal is done. It was done last week,” he told me.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“I don’t want to be making up a story about this,” I added.

“You can take this news to the bank, Josh,” the Blue Suit replied.

“Please repeat this,” I asked the Blue Suit.

He cleared his throat, took in a deep breath and said:

“You can take this news to the bank, Josh. The Revolution soccer team is coming here. The Krafts will be building a stadium here. They have already agreed to do other things to enhance sports in Everett. This is what I was told by someone who knows,” the Blue Suit said to me.

I have confirmed that the Blue Suit appears to know what he is talking about. This confirmation comes from several sources who the Blue Suit told me must remain unnamed because they don’t have permission to discuss the matter.

“Hey buddy, thanks a lot for the tip. It is appreciated. It will be even better if you are correct,” I joked.

“I know I’m right, Josh. Why don’t you try trusting me?” he asked.

“It is really hard to trust a cloth, off the rack, blue suit,” I answered.

“Don’t you get it?” I asked him.

“There are people who take you seriously as though you are a human being,” I tried to reason with him.

I could see he was growing angry.

“Keep it together man. I believe you. I’d just feel better when the Krafts or the city makes the announcement official. Until then, I will conditionally hold some of my breath without causing myself to pass out.”

The Blue Suit is a cloth suit who lives in a home, inside a closet, of the most powerful politician in Everett. This breaking news story from the Blue Suit, emphasizes how close to the organs of power he lives. This despite the fact so many people have gone out of their way to prove the Blue Suit as a breathing, living, thinking entity does not exist.

But he does exist and he gave me this story about the Revolution.

On our news pages in the near past we have reported news stories about the Krafts most likely coming here and that for them, a place on Lower Broadway by the casino for a stadium was a perfect setting for their soccer field. This is the truth – and not meant to be part of my dialogue with the Blue Suit.

The Krafts will probably build a 25,000 seat stadium. Who knows how many millions of dollars will be spent and what type of tax bill they will take on, but it is easy to imagine such a structure’s value will imply that the tax bill is going to be formidable.

“Can you call the Kraft’s for me and get one of them to confirm your story?” I asked the Blue Suit.

Unbelievably enough, the Blue Suit got on the phone with one of the Krafts – I wasn’t sure whether he said “Hello Bob” or “Hello Jonathan” but I did hear him repeat the reply: “We’re coming to Everett.”

If this proves to be true, it will also prove the value of having a friendship with a cloth blue suit, who speaks the truth, who also makes up stories, who is believed by some and who is vilified by others, who shares a great friendship with me for which I am grateful.

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