Guerline Alcy’s pain

Reporting a possible hate crime in Everett is not a political stunt for city council candidate Guerline Alcy.

It is about sadness for her, and to an extent, it is about her fear and the loathing that is out there on the part of some haters who feel racial stunts against Black people are OK.

We trust and hope the Everett Police Department will get to the bottom of this most recent aberrant racial incident, and bring to justice, or at the very least, will come to identify the two young people responsible for placing a burned skull with disturbing markings on it underneath an Alcy sign on Broadway.

This type of behavior, in public no less on a sunny day, indicates how brazen some people are willing to be when it comes to expressing their hate.

The incident also reveals that video from several neighbors of the 7/11 as well as then7/11 itself, have recorded for all to see the incident as it unfolded.

The WGBH television report also revealed the incident, and what’s worse, reported as well a number of previous incidents and happenings related to racism in Everett during the past several years.

We find it incomprehensible that the Justice Department folks apparently conducting a probe of the city’s racist, discriminatory and retaliatory tendencies has not taken notice of this most recent incident.

In the meantime, we denounce this recent incident.

We applaud Alcy for having the courage to report it.

We are thankful the Everett Police are investigating.

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