Overcrowding solutions anyone?

With a new school year only weeks away, many of our readers and the parents of Everett’s public school children must be wondering: how is the overcrowding going to be handled?

This is frankly a relevant question.

To our knowledge, no new classroom space has been bought, built or allotted for the upcoming school year which very well might prove to be one of the most overcrowded years in public school history here.

Pope John is a dead letter as a possible option.

Modular or portable classrooms are not being discussed and have not been financed, yet.

This we do know, there will be more students attending the Everett Public Schools this year than last year and the schools will be more crowded this year than last year.

After a great deal of talk and public debate, nothing tangibly has been done by the city to correct the overcrowding problem.

Maybe doing nothing is better than doing something.

Doing nothing is presently the option being used.

Far better to do something than to do nothing.

Time will tell where this crisis morphs and whether or not the city finally takes action.

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