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NSCC Graduates

Nine Everett young adults graduated from North Short Community College at commencements held in June.

They are: Geraldine Boisvert, Steven Demarco, Lucknisha Dupervil, Dora Escobar, Matthew Hayes, Yasmin Melendez Castro, Vanya Pereira, Graciela Rivera and Maria Paula Vasdconsuelos Viana.

All the above received their associate’s degree.

Many of them will be continuing their educations in the state college system to earn a Bachelors degree.

Rep. Judith Garcia

Rep.Judith Garcia represents a portion of Everett by the Chelsea line. She takes an interest in Everett, and Everett is taking an interest in her.

The appearance of Senator Sal DiDomenico and Councilor Stephanie Martins at a fundraiser Garcia held on August 10, proves her growing popularity with our elected public officials as well as with residents here.

Garcia comes from a respected old Chelsea Hispanic family who came in from then outside when the city was run exclusively by Anglo’s, to a position of prominence and political power in a city nearly 80% Hispanic.

The Garcia summer barbecue was more than a fundraiser.

It was a chance for leaders to break bread with an up-and-coming star.

Revolution coming?

We have predicted, based upon our sources who say it is a done deal, that the Kraft Family is coming to Everett to build a stadium for the Revolution soccer team across the street from the Encore casino.

So needless to say, we were jolted a bit when a friend wrote us early Monday morning that the Revolution are building a stadium in Foxboro.

I called the friend immediately.

He said he was joking.


Our sources continue to swear by their belief based upon solid information that the Revolution soccer field and team are coming to Everett.

We continue to say that we do not have the signed sealed and delivered purchase and sale agreement for the team to locate here – but that all signs point to the soccer stadium being located here.

Let’s see what pans out.

Announcements should be forthcoming if we have this right.

Child care disaster

About $83 billion in child care assistance disappears in September when government COVID era subsidies come to a screeching end.

Many parents and families will be severely affected although because of the recent state budget funding in Massachusetts at the request of Senator Sal DiDomenico, several hundred million will be put toward heading off this disaster.

Child care subsidies and benefits are absolutely crucial to parents being able to work and to pay their bills.


By some estimates, it costs average Americans about $700 a month more now to live than since the days of COVID and the shutdown of our economy.

Obviously, most Americans have not increased their incomes by $700 a month during that time.

Nearly everything we buy to eat, to cloth ourselves, to run our automobiles, to heat our homes to pay for every kind of goods and services have gone way up.

Shopping for food is the surest indication that something is awry.

It seems that when we shop every item turns out to be about a $5 bill.

This means that if we purchase 40 items – which is not a big shopping for a family – the prices are a good 10%-15%-20% higher.

Meats are off the charts with most prices in the $12-$22 per pound category with a smaller steak costing about $15. Milk, eggs, butter, nearly all those things are $5 to put something in your hand.

Gasoline is off the charts again up around $3.75 and rising.

Where does it end?

It doesn’t end. Everything is going to go higher.

To buy a new car, the median price is about $48,000.

How about trying to buy a home for your kids!

The median price for a home in Massachusetts is $900,000 and with most banks requiring 20% down, that’s only $180,000 down you need to get them going!

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